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Yo ho! so yeah this happened i finally did my Sasha Buckler mini shoot before a Convention…. i need mini shoots to see if i did done eff’d up :D

but yeah, kinda happy with the outcome, kinda proud i mad and altered all of my cosplay except my shorts, socks and shoes

i hope you all like :D


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Cosplay made and worn by [x]
Photography & Post-processing by [x]


Iwata Asks: Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Nintendo of Europe’s PLvsPW site has been updated with a translated Iwata Asks with Shu Takumi and Akihiro Hino about PLvsPW!

In addition, the site has put up a “Demo” page which lets you try a puzzle from the game and see some footage from Phoenix’s portion of the game, including his European “Hold it!” and “Objection!”, as well as Layton’s “Hold it!” (Be warned - the end of the video has footage from the game’s second case that some might consider spoilery.)

Thanks to C-R member JapaneseGIRL for the heads-up!


Finally, Akihiro Hino, CEO of Level-5, provided a message to European fans in advance of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney's release there next month. 

If you listen quite carefully, you can catch a bit of Phoenix and Maya’s European voices!


Hey everybody! I just listed a whole bunch of plushies up on my Etsy store! I’m trying to get rid of some of the ones I’ve made, since I’m moving next month and don’t have a lot of room to take things with me. There’s more than listed here, these were just the ones I grabbed to take the photo. 

If you use the coupon PLUSHIE30, you can get 30% off your entire purchase! EVERYBODY LIKES SALES. 

The sale ends Sunday Feb. 22, so be sure to grab them while the sale’s still on! 

I’ll also be opening up online plushie commissions within a few days, so look out for those as well!



The official Japanese site for the Wright Selection has been updated, giving us the boxart for the limited edition, as well as a voice cast and summary for the audio drama included with said LE.

The cast is as follows:

Phoenix Wright: Takayuki Kondo (近藤孝行)

Miles Edgeworth: Eiji Takemoto (竹本英史)

Maya Fey: Satomi Hanamura (花村怜美)

Mia Fey: Sayaka Oohara (大原さやか)

Franziska von Karma: Miyuki Sawashiro (沢城みゆき)

Godot: Rikiya Koyama (小山力也)

Dick Gumshoe: Kouji Ishii (石井康嗣)

Miu Usagi (宇鷺ミウ): Suzuko Mimori 三森すずこ

Shishio Raionji (来恩寺シシオ): Yuuichi Nakamura (中村悠一)

The latter two are original characters.

The audio’s plot is as follows: one day, Edgeworth arrives at the Wright Law Offices with Miu in tow, seeking to hire Phoenix.  The two rivals find themselves working together for Miu’s sake, even as their investigation threatens to bring them into contact with Shishio, heir to a famous yakuza family.



Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective are both currently FREE for iPhone and iPad in the Apple App store!

yooooo actually for ghost trick the first two chapters are free but all of the chapters are $0.99!! and for aa the first two cases are free but the sale is already over so all of the first three games are pretty much $17.00 (which is great because each game is like $20- $30)


Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective are both currently FREE for iPhone and iPad in the Apple App store!



i want more stories of boys growing up idolizing women

calling women their heroes, telling women they want to be just like them when they’re grown up

men being fondly told anecdotes of how they’re acting just like their lady mentors at that age

how everyone can see so much of those women in them

how they should be proud to carry that influence with them