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"you can’t DRIVE?"

"no but I AM THE LAW"


source: official Capcom Japan

artist: 菊野郎さん

translation: me

for more strips, look here


Shout out to the amazing ematureskyence and lanasskye !! Who are both really great !


Poor Nick…


Aura and casual Sol. I’m sorry I love the idea of them being pretty good friends. Especially if their friendship started because Starbuck asked her out when he was younger and though he got shot down he still respected her and she appreciated him being a gentleman about it. However it doesn’t stop her teasing him about it. 

I should draw more interactions of the GYAXA crew really XD Sorry the colouring is so shoddy XD

Sorry about those other non AA posts guys

They were meant for my personal blog!



Anonymous said:

Could you voice Edgeworth ordering ice cream from an ice cream truck, as hard as it might be for him?

what a turbo nerd



Lots of cute stuff in the source of this once.

In the last panel Franziska shortens Ryuuichi to Ryuu, and I had a hard time deciding whether to make it “Nick” (Naruhodou/Naruhodou-kun) or “Feenie” (Ryuu-chan). Also, her suggested names were German even in the original comic (the middle one is the name of a city). 

The Court-Records Original Character Contest 2014 is a go!



After far too long, the Court-Records Original Character Contest is back! Not familiar with it? The idea’s simple: come up with Ace Attorney fan characters and you could win some serious AA swag! (Not to mention some internet bragging points.)

This year, we’re celebrating Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, and so the theme is multiple characters - unlike past years, your entry should include between 2 and 5 connected Ace Attorney OCs. These characters must be depicted in the form of a fanwork, in one of three categories: fanart, fanfiction, and spriting. The three categories will be judged entirely separate from each other, and like the Sprite Cup, after a round of private judging, the finalists will be voted on by the public.

What’s up for grabs? Well:

  • First place winners in each category will receive the PLvsPW artbook, an attorney’s pin from Fangamer, and an Objection! foam finger.
  • Second place winners in each category will receive an attorney’s pin from Fangamer, and an Objection! foam finger.
  • Third place winners in each category will receive an Objection! foam finger.

For the full rules and details, check out the contest page! At present, entries will be accepted until August 31st.

When you’re ready to enter, we have entry topics set up in the Fanfiction, Fanart, and Sprite subforums.

And finally, if you’re an AA writer but don’t have time to enter, we’re still looking for one more fanfic judge! Please get in contact via e-mail or ask if you’re interested.

Any other questions can either be sent via ask, posted in the forum topic, or e-mailed to us at

Good luck, everyone!

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